NEA Laboratory System

Ecutec has developed a complete NEA Laboratory System to classify at ultrafine sizes different types of material. The target was to design a very compact system for a pharmaceutical company, which enables to change products in a fast way and to be able to clean easily.

The equipment has been built entirely in stainless steel, in order to prevent corrosion and allow the system to be cleaned in a very efficient way.

The turbo classifier belongs to the NEA series which inherits the best of Ecutec’s ALPHA and TFS line and gives highest flexibility for the use of multiple products at a remarkable performance while obtaining steep and precise top cuts. With products at bulk densities about 1 kg/dm3 the separator is able to produce finenesses starting at d98<2µm. The NEA Lab is the smallest machine ECUTEC has built up till now and which can be fed with up to 350kg/h.

This application required special attention since the material to classify was fairly abrasive. For this reason the NEA classifier got equipped with a rotor made out of a special metal alloy, a material even harder and without the fragility of common ceramic materials, such as Aluminium Oxide. The same alloy was used for coating the machine internally as well as the inside of the pipe work and other peripheral equipment.

The installation [LxWxH / 3.200×1.600×3.000mm] has been built in a very compact design and is prepared to work in closed loop circuit with a laboratory Ball Mill.

All equipment has been delivered pre-assembled including all field wiring, with a complete control panel, a compressor, all necessary motors, a radial fan, the feed system and the final product filter. To assure a complete dust-free operation, two sealed 40 litre vessels, one for the classifier coarse discharge and one for the final product filter have been included. The system has been tested with product at our factory and therefore is a real “plug & produce” system, ready to go into operation after arrival at its destination. This makes the NEA Lab system ideal for companies in need of small production units with high quality classifying performance, simple installation and easy operation and all that for an attractive price.


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